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We have a vision for a community in which the power of collaborative relationships ensures that even after trauma, every child feels supported, known, and cherished by the individuals in their life and their community as a whole. The Children's Legacy Center (CLC) is a place where the children around us have access to the hope and healing they need to thrive, and empowered advocates help ensure the legacy of the next generation.

The CLC is a nonprofit organization that collaborates with child welfare, legal, and medical partners for the sake of abused children. Our purpose is to ensure a child who has experienced trauma is not re-traumatized through the investigation. This is accomplished through a trauma-informed, child-centric facility with dedicated on-site space for a multidisciplinary team. Our system reduces the number of times a child must re-tell their story, therefore significantly reducing the enforcement of trauma for that child and aiding in accountability for those who harmed them.

We are excited to announce the establishment of our Children's Legacy Wellness Center, a counseling center that will serve up to 150 children, youth, and their families per month. This will allow us to reach more children and youth to help facilitate their access to healing after significant trauma.

Let us leave you with this quote, one that the CLC and our partners embrace wholeheartedly:

"There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children."
- Nelson Mandela

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