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Based in Redding, CA, I provide Business Consulting, Project Management, and Operations Management services. Please reach out for a free consultation on how I can be a catalyst to your life, organization, goals and dreams! Every person and organization can benefit from a coach/consultant to take an objective look at how they are performing.

I'm passionate about seeing individuals and organizations maximize their potential based on their current staff and resources, and developing a strategic plan to help achieve short and long term goals. I love vision casting, leadership development and enjoy teaching and training on personal growth and development. I truly believe organizations can have a thriving culture where individuals can be known and empowered to contribute to the success of that organization.

While most of my experience is in managing projects providing mission support and software lifecycle development, my recent employment at NewSong church has taught me the value of relational connection and community. I'm excited to utilize my vast spectrum of experience to help organizations achieve their goals through their unique culture.

I also love creative arts and enjoy teaching on how authenticity is the best form of creativity. I'm most passionate about family and seeing it restored as a primary cultural value.


Bryan Rheem Business Consulting
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