Your Quick-Start Guide for Starting a Construction and Contracting Business

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The construction and contracting industry is one that is never starved for work. Businesses and individuals will always generate a demand for new commercial buildings, residences, and major renovations. Breaking into this field could be a very lucrative pursuit for you as an entrepreneur, especially if you have prior career experience as a contractor. You might even decide to pursue a new education path specifically to prepare yourself for success in the construction business. Whatever your path is, there are a few steps to follow so you can start your new enterprise as soon as possible.

Write a Business Plan

Your emerging business needs a long-term plan to set the pace of how you will grow and develop your service. Experts explain that a functional business plan should describe every aspect of your business, including your management style and marketing strategies. 

This ZenBusiness start a business guide explains that you should also include details on what business structure you intend to choose when registering your business with the local government. For example, you may want to start an LLC in California if you simply want limited liability in the form of asset protection. If you want the benefit of pass-through taxation and the ability to get tax deductions on your company’s financial losses, you may want to form an S corp in California.

Financial planning is another very important factor at this stage of your business. Be sure to account for your budget and use financial projections to determine if your plan will be sustainable for your first year of operation and beyond.

Expand Your Online Presence

It is a good idea to launch a website for your business long before you are ready to accept clients. Having your online presence up and running will ensure that your target audience can find more information about your service and get in contact regarding work.

One unique consideration to make when setting up your website is to include an eye-catching banner. An online banner maker will enable you to create a brand image that customers are sure to remember, even if you do not have graphic design experience yourself. Many online tools provide pre-made templates that you can customize with various colors, fonts, and even video.

Find the Right Recruitment Solutions

Construction is rarely a one-person job, so it stands to reason that one of your earliest endeavors as a business owner will be recruitment. One way to find the right employees is by networking with fellow professionals in your area or at industry events.

Freelancers also provide a great solution for handling tasks for your construction business. Consider working with a recruitment agency that can help connect you with freelancers specializing in marketing, design, or tech. If you need to fill positions fast, find a recruiter who can guarantee a list of professionals within just a couple of days.

Set Up Your Office

The hands-on part of your contracting business takes place on-site, of course, but you will spend a great deal of time in an office as well. As a business owner, there are many administrative tasks that require your attention, so your office setup also needs to be equipped with certain business administration software to help you accomplish tasks quicker and reduce errors. Research accounting, project management, and communication solutions that are worth your investment.

Getting a fresh start in the construction and contracting industry as a business owner is an exciting prospect, but it comes with some unique challenges. You can overcome those obstacles by planning ahead for the future and hiring the right freelancers for each job. With the right preparation, you can find great success as a contracting entrepreneur.

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